Dragon 32 Universe


Wiping the sweat from my brow, I searched the inky blackness ahead for signs of enemy fighters. Though Star Jammer was the best ship in the galaxy, my dwindling energy reserves made me doubt that I could reach the next stargate. Suddenly something registered on my scanners...

Star Jammer is a one player arcade game requiring a joystick.


The destruction of a mining outpost was the federation's first warning of an attack by alien ships from a distant galaxy. As leader of the only squadron of fighters in the area, your first priority is to stop the alien fleet before it reaches the colonized planets.

The Star Jammer

Designed primarily as a patrol vessel, the Star Jammer is armed with a laser cannon capable of five bursts when fully charged.

Recharging is initiated automatically when the Fire button is released. The cannon is of the very latest type and is capable of destroying most enemy ships in a single blast. To fire the laser cannon, steer the enemy fighter into your sights using the joystick and press the Fire button.

Powerful anti-mag shields protect the Star Jammer, but can be weakened by enemy fire. An indicator at the bottom of the screen shows how much energy is left in the shields, and if it should reach zero, your ship will be open to destruction by the alien weapons.


Stargates are triggered automatically by beacons on your ship when you are near one. They will take you through hyperspace to the next quadrant and replenish your energy as they do so.


H-Wing 50 points
X-Wing 100 points
Leader 500 points
Scout 700 points
Commander 1,000 points
Mine 0 points
Bomb 200 points

Bonus fighters at 10,000 and 50,000 points.