Dragon 32 Universe


Welcome! This graphic adventure game is set in the second age of Mandorool. You are living in the realm of Mandor, beneath the Cimeeon Moon. You are the great lord warrior, the O'venlo'eer. Your most powerful weapon is your sword, the mighty O'sword which can release deadly fireballs at your command. Once you have proved your worthiness in combat you will be sent on a quest to restore the Eye of Dazmor to its resting place in the forsaken Gulch. The eye is located beneath the castle Argaan, somewhere within the perilous White Void.

Your first adventure is within the great walls of the castle Balrog, in the ancient ceremonial arena. Here you will face two opponents, the Narthoks and the Tooamoth. After you have defeated both of these you will be sent into the White Void to begin your second adventure.

Once inside the White Void, your exit will be barred until you return to the surface with possession of the Eye. Once this is done, you can escape through the scintillating colours into the Ungrek mountains.

In the heart of the mountains you will come across a cave. Upon entering the cave, you will find yourself at the top of a long descending staircase. You must carry the Eye down into this subterranean world and restore the Eye to its resting place in the forsaken Gulch.



When the first adventure has loaded, the program will stop and the program will automatically execute upon completion of the first adventure; pressing any key will cause the second program on the tape to be loaded and executed automatically.